Frequently Asked Questions

Can you transfer registrations or add more people to your group purchase?
You can transfer registrations and rename the ticket at any time. If you need to add more tickets to your order closer to the event reach out to hello@realtypartners.com
Can I cancel or transfer registrations?
Due to limited availability of seats, payment in full is required at the time of registration to ensure an available seat. If a change or withdrawal needs to be made to your registration, submit a proper notification 30 days prior to the event to receive a credit for our next event. No credit will be granted after 30 days prior to the event. No credit will be given for “no-shows” or after attending any portion of the conference. 
Please submit any changes to your registration or withdrawal notifications to hello@realtypartners.com
Is there a referral incentive?

Yes! If you refer 5 for more people to this event then you will earn VIP Status.

Can I tour the different offices while I’m attending the event?

For events held in Charleston, SC you and your team are welcome to stop by any of our offices to walk through the facilities and meet some of our team.  Find location information here (Please note our Operations office is located at 8761 Dorchester Road STE 101, N. Charleston, SC 29420 and will be open to tour as well.)

Do I need to bring a ticket to Check-in?

Once you and/or your team is registered, all you need to provide at check-in is your name(s).

Will there be time to ask Jeff questions direct questions?

Jeff Cook will be available at both the Mastermind and Conference. At the RPL Conference, there will be a VIP event for anyone who refers 5 friends who purchase a ticket to Realty Partners Live that Jeff will be in attendance.

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